Seaworld San Antonio Post Card

Located in the west side of the beautiful city of San Antonio is a 250-acre marine and animal theme park that allows visitors to get up close and personal with marine mammals as well as other animals and closely witness various wonders of the sea. This theme park that has entertained people for over three decades now has been applauded world over for its constant efforts in the direction of animal rescue and conservation. From sea lions and flamingoes to dolphins and killer whales, Seaworld San Antonio is home to a wide variety of animals. Every years, thousands of visitors visit this theme park and oceanarium to satiate their intrigue about the natural world.

Seaworld San Antonio is famous for its sundry shows. Buy your tickets in advance as lines get pretty long at times. If you are planning a trip to this magical family place, make sure to wait out for these three absolutely thrilling and entertaining shows.

1. Killer Whales Up Close:

Orcas or killer whales are apex predators that have intrigued the human psyche for ages now. Seaworld San Antonio allows visitors to observe and connect with these whales through their Killer Whales Up Close show. The show does not only aim to be entertaining, but also informative. Trainers use this show to inform guests about the largest member of the oceanic dolphin family.

During the show, you will learn about the different kinds of orcas, their dietary habits and their connection with the others of their specie. You will also be educated about why these whales have the peculiar black and white markings, how they communicate with each other and how they reproduce. We mandatorily recommend this show because orcas have become endangered animals and the people at Seaworld San Antonio use this show to reach out to audiences and inform them about how our daily habits affect these gigantic beings and what we can do to promote their numbers.

In 2016, Seaworld San Antonio made an official statement about its plan to replace its theatrical orca shows with shows that allow people to witness orcas in their natural settings. It is thus, quite likely, that this show will be replaced with other shows soon. While this is a welcome move, it cannot be denied that people will miss watching these beautiful orcas and their theatricals. Our advice, thus, is: enjoy while it lasts.

Remember to make reservations as soon as you enter as the show get fully booked rather quickly. Also, the table you get will depend on how early you book.

2. Ocean Discovery:

If you love dolphins and have since long wanted to interact with them, this show is the perfect choice for you. Pacific dolphins, beluga whales and vivacious macaws form the highlight of this show.

Pacific dolphins are known world over for their ability to perform impressive acrobatics — there are only a few mammals that can jump 20 feet above the surface of water. Unlike fish, dolphins breathe through their lungs and thus, have to make regular jumps out of water to catch a breath. You will see the trainers at Seaworld San Antonio make the best of this unique capability of Pacific white-sided dolphins. The Beluga Whales may intimidate you with their size, but they are social beings that love to interact with humans. The macaws add to the whole experience with their sprightly behavior and vivid colors. At the end of the show, guests also get a chance to pet the dolphins and get close and personal with other animals.

We have included this show in out top 3 list as the connection between these animals and their trainers is extremely beautiful to look at. Seaworld San Antonio aims to create awareness about animals by allowing humans to interact with them and see for themselves how these massive creatures are also social beings that just want love and attention and this show does just that.

Seaworld Pets Ahoy Show in San Antonio

3. Pets Ahoy:

Seaworld San Antonio allows guests to peep into not just the aquatic world, but also into the world of other animals. If you are a pet lover, the Pets Ahoy show is a must-attend for you. This show is a brain child of one of the most sought-after animals trainers, Joel Slaven. Slaven has worked with animals for over 40 years now and has also won numerous accolades for his work in the area of positive-reinforcement animal training. He is the man who trained all animals featured in “Ace Ventura” as well as “The Darn Cat”. He put in almost two years of sweat and hard-work before he could get the show ready.

The show features a variety of animals. From dogs and cats to birds, rats and pot-belly pigs, you will see a variety of furries frolicking on the stage. The best thing about this show is the fact that all animals featured in this show are actually rescues who have found a better life at Seaworld San Antonio. Watching these little furries act in perfect coordination will surely be a memorable experience for you.

At the end of the show, you can talk with the trainers and even learn a thing or two about how to connect better with your pet. If you are planning a trip to Seaworld San Antonio, we would definitely recommend waiting in line to get a reservation for the Pets Ahoy show. You will not regret this experience.

Seaworld San Antonio is the perfect place for families to bond. For you and your kids, a visit to this theme park will most certainly be an unforgettable experience. Other than the above-mentioned shows, this oceanarium and theme park has a lot more to offer. To start with, there are about half a dozen other shows that you can enjoy. If you are brave enough, you can choose to swim with dolphins, belugas and sea lions. There are also rides to be conquered. After you have observed and played with animals to your heart’s content, take a seat at one of the many restaurants and ponder over how beautiful the nature truly is.